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Thay mặt kính LG G3


Thay mặt kính Zenfone 5


Thay mặt kính Oppo R7


Thay vỏ iphone 6


Thay mặt kính iPhone 5


Thay màn hình iphone 6

Thay màn hình samsung note 4

ServicesService we offer

Consultancy, design and engineering management
•             Design of LPG filling plant
•             Civil, electrical & mechanical designs
•             Design of LPG storage tank
•             Basic design of LPG piping system
•             Design of fire protection and safety systems

Field management and supervision

Safety management

Maintenance Program
•             Maintenance of LPG filling plant equipment
•             Maintenance of LPG vaporization system
•             Safety inspection of LPG reticulation system
•             Site inspection of LPG storage tanks
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